I have been working as a dancer and choreographer for almost 10 years, starting with heavy involvement in the AIFL and semi-professional football and basketball circuit, and evolving to independent dance projects with local recording artists, fundraiser groups, and event promoters, and teaching dance technique and cardio fitness classes. 


I began modeling in 2007 after participating in my first shoot with the Carolina Bombshells dance team.  After receiving several promotion and shoots opportunities based on that job, I decided to pursue modeling separately from my dance career.  I used my entertainment connections to meet new promoters, photographers, and artists in the Triangle and Triad, and built my name up in the local scene.  I’ve been published in Social The Magazine, worked as a model for Bermudez Rum/C&R Imports, and as a promoter and hostess for Speak Easy with LeVar and Derrick talk show.  In 2011, I was chosen as a NC finalist for the Seagram’s Gin 2012 calendar.  I have also been featured in music videos, photographer blog posts, and numerous digital magazines. 

I enjoy modeling because it gives me the opportunity to be creative, to use environment and costume to create these worlds that come alive in photos.  As a dancer, one of my favorite aspects of dance is perfecting the performance - using the costumes, movement, and music to portray a new world to the audience.  I feel the same connection with modeling - using all the elements to create a character and make that emotion pop right out of the picture.  It's a very intriguing world to me, and I want to delve into it more. I also just love being in front of a camera!